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  3. The use of any type of download software ( File Grabbers/Mass downloaders/plugins etc ) is expressly forbidden. Member content is only to be viewed on JessicaFux.com. This includes but is not limited to; all text, images, movies, videos, links and trademarks. Disregarding this condition may lead to temporary or permanent account deactivation on JessicaFux.com. We also reserve the right to block your IP or host in order to prevent access to any and all parts of JessicaFux.com
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  6. NO information collected via or about users is on-sold to ANY entity - Full privacy policies are available at Privacy Policy
  7. Users acknowledge that this site is an adult entertainment site that contains images, movies and text that may offend some users. Some of the content linked to by JessicaFux.com is submitted by other Users and Webmasters and JessicaFux.com endeavours to pre-screen all submitted content so that distasteful, objectionable and illegal content is not access via the JessicaFux.com sites. Due to the nature of that submitted content, some links may not display what was originally submitted or described, though every effort is taken to keep JessicaFux.com up to date.
  8. Refunds. When the member requests the termination, subscription fees are NOT refundable. Should a refund be issued by HerProfit LLC, all refunds will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction. HerProfit LLC will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another credit card or payment mechanism.
  9. JessicaFux.com respects the intellectual property of all internet users and will address any alleged infringement immediately and without hesitation.
  10. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and may always be found at http://jessicafux.com/terms